Do4pets fully respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and has a strict zero tolerance policy for any falsification and/or infringement of intellectual property rights. We regularly check the listings on our website to avoid any possible IP infringement. If any listing is found to be in violation of Do4pets's policy, it will be removed. Although we strive to avoid selling any infringing products on our site, due to the large number of products, vendors and sellers, sometimes we are unable to detect or identify IP infringement. You may initiate a complaint by submitting a notice of infringement.

Notices can be submitted to us by email: Upon receipt of your notice, if your complaint is accepted, we will promptly conduct an internal investigation and take appropriate action.

If there are any concerns or complaints about possible infringement of intellectual property rights, please email, specifically identify the allegedly infringing rights and the allegedly infringing product.

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